Where can I get help/support The fastest way to get help is by visiting our Discord Server. Alternatively you can use our support portal. Use this for constant game crashes or unable to load the game at all. Is it Cross-Platform? Yes, you can login with your same account and play vs. other players on Android, iOS or Steam. However, you'll need to purchase the game on the platforms you wish to play on. I have this awesome suggestion that will make the game even better! How do I tell you? Sweet! We love feedback and we want to hear your suggestion. Use the LegendaryDXP subreddit to post your suggestion on make comments on other people's suggestions. We find this is the best way for tracking suggestions. Of course if you do not have a reddit account, never fear! You can post it in our suggestion channel on the Discord Server. I want to stream the game and post videos, can I do that? Yes, absolutely, go nuts! You can also announce your stream in our Discord Server under the #streampromos channel How do I get hair like Brenner’s? Asking for a friend. We can dream. Alternatively you can get sleeves which feature his golden locks during our live Twitch Streams among other goodies. Why can't I play offline? We want players to be able to have fair multiplayer games and be able to participate in online tournaments. This means all game logic needs to be handled by the server. If we placed game logic on the game client then hackers would be able to control game logic and ruin the experience for others. In the case of solo mode, we would have to support two code bases for game logic which would make it incredibly painful to support and slow deployment for anything new to the game. We also give rewards for completing solo matches. We wouldn't be able to do this without valid, fair games. What does DXP mean? DXP stands for Digital Experience. Are there expansions planned? Absolutely! We firmly believe this is the best deck builder out there and it is our duty to give you as much of it as we can! What comes in the digital packs?
Bronze Pack Silver Pack Gold Pack
25 Silver Basic Sleeve Basic Sleeve
50 Silver Rare Sleeve Rare Sleeve
100 Silver Gameboard Gameboard
10 Gold Foil Card Foil Card
20 Gold Animated Card Animated Card
50 Gold Hero Pieces Hero Pieces
100 Gold Avatar Avatar
Basic Sleeve Emote Emote
Rare Sleeve Upper-deck Physical game Upper-deck Physical game
Gameboard Exclusive Sleeve Exclusive Sleeve
Foil Card Exclusive Gameboard Exclusive Gameboard
Animated Card
Hero Pieces
Upper-deck Physical game
Exclusive Sleeve
Exclusive Gameboard
What are the odds for pack items?
Rarities % from Bronze % from Silver % from Gold
Commmon 95 49 0
Uncommon 3 30 25
Rare 1 15 50
Ultra Rare 0.99 4.5 20
Secret Rare 0.01 1.5 5